Useful links and other resources

Here are some links that we hope you will find useful:

Genealogy: (Name Your Roots) (Home Advisor - Genealogy Facts) (genealogy website) (Family Tree DNA) (DNA Ancestry Project)

Outreach associations, Conversion to Judaism: (website encouraging Jewish choices and welcoming interfaith families) (The Jewish Outreach Institute - dedicated to creating a more open and welcoming Judaism) (Chabad Lubavitch website for Jewish outreach) (The Institute of Noahide Code. Established in April 1989, it is a direct result of the Lubavitcher Rebbe', Rabbi M. M. Schneerson's teachings, which encourage the practice of The Seven Laws of Noah.) ("Children of Noah". Website for observants & friends of the Noahide covenant) (Bnai Noah Torah Institute website) (First Covenant Foundation) (website of Karaite Jewish university) (Karaite corner website). (Reconstructionist) (Reform) (Liberal Judaism, UK) (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)

 Bnai Anusim association in Spain

Israel and Judaism:

 Jews on the Web. Jews On The Web is designed to be a 'General Interest' jewish website. Appealing to all denominations. Offering, recipes, commentaries, travel info, explanation of traditions, mini-sermons, Jewish education, Bat/ Bat Mitzvah-related, memories growing up, directory of Sabbath Services broadcast online, film festival schedules, and more. - Visit ! (Arutz Sheva - Israel National News) ( - "The Jewish Website") ("The Jewish Voice of a New Generation in Israel")

Charity/Zedaka and Tikkun Olam: (website for works of charity, volunteering, donations, etc.) (website for promoting Jewish Muslim understanding; part of Daniel Pearl Foundation website .) (Zedaka fund)

Relationship to other Religions: (Website containing entire body of letters to and from the Christian Church Fathers in the first 500 years of Christianity. Many letters debate the relationship between the emerging Christian religion and Judaism.)