Thanks for Participating!

Thanks for participating in our "How do you identify?" Survey.

As you can see from our web pages, we welcome all Descendants of Jewish Intermarriage in a way that honors how they self-identify (i.e. as Jews, or as non-Jews). Additionally, we also respect and celebrate our non-Jewish backgrounds, in a way which complements our Jewish half.

If you would like to further participate, form part of, and contribute to that dual enrichment that is so much a halmark of us Descendants of Jewish Intermarriage, please feel free to visit our new Beta Gershom (House of Gershom) community section, where you can:

- Create your own profile and blogs; Express in more detail how you identify and your views on any relevant subject!
- View, and participate in, our forums; Exchange views with others, for mutual enrichment!
- Upload photos, audios, videos, and documents that you think are of interest to the community. You can also rate the documents you see!
- even create or request specific Groups for topics that are important to you!

Enjoy!! Click here to go to the Beta Gershom community site.

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