Torah and other religions.

As a descendant of Jewish intermarriage, the question of other religions may be highly relevant to you, especially if you profess belief in the Jewish scriptures.

Torah and Judaism do not preclude that other nations may be witnesses to their own revelations from the true God, as long as those revelations are not contradicting what is revealed thru the Torah (particularly the story of Noach and the Noachide Covenant which God established with ALL nations thru Noach). In other words, out of most religions, Judaism stands out in that it allows that other nations can have their own paths to God as well. While the Torah details the covenant between God and Israel established during the Exodus from Egypt, God is also prompt to remind Israel (lest they feel arrogant) that God has established other relationships as well: Amos 9:7 'Are you not like the Ethiopians to me, o people of Israel?', says the Lord. 'Did I not bring Israel up from the land of Egypt, and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Arameans from Kir?'

Therefore, Judaism respects that YHWH talks to other nations too, and those relationships entail other revelations not discussed in the Torah. In is section will examine many aspects of other revelations (i.e. religions) and whether those aspects are consistent, inconsistent, or simply neutral to the world view of the Torah. We will focus initially on Christianity and Islam.


Normative (i.e. Pauline or Graeco-Roman)Christianity
Original (i.e. Israelite) Christianity.